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Alex Campbell Transformation is passionate about helping individuals get into the best shape of their lives!

As a fitness and nutrition coach, I will help you achieve the results you want in a way that works for you.

  • No crash diets
  • No strict meal plans
  • No restricted foods
  • No extreme workout programmes

I will help you find a way of eating and exercising that is healthy and sustainable.   Together we’ll work out an individualised coaching programme that fits with your lifestyle, personal preferences and resources.

We’ll set realistic goals, and then I’ll support you in developing a mindset that will see you achieving amazing results (without crashing and burning)!  And all this will be done following the latest science- and evidence-based nutrition principles that are put together into an easy-to-follow and accessible programme.

At ACT we believe that transformation is  about more than transforming your body and believe it’s also about transforming:

  • Your relationship with yourself
  • Your mindset and values about health, nutrition and fitness
  • Your understanding of food and nutrition
  • Your eating and exercise habits and behaviours
  • Your approach to sustainable nutrition and weight maintenance
  • Your exercise and fitness approach to training and active recovery
  • Your overall sense of well-being and fulfilment

I understand that every client has unique nutrition and fitness needs and goals.  That your situation is different to that of others, and I am here to assist you in achieving what you want from your nutrition and fitness programme.

I offer live and online coaching options that will support you by working with tools and practices that are effective for personal change, growth and development.

ACT offers specialised flexible dieting programmes that are science- and evidence-based.

ACT offers strength & fitness training programmes that will help you achieve the body that you want.

ACT is focused on what you want to achieve…in a way that works for you!

You will be supported and coached by me, Alex Campbell, your personal nutrition and fitness coach.  Through individualised coaching and programme development I will support you in achieving the results that you want!

Along with your own nutrition programming & education, and specialised fitness coaching and advice, we will develop an accountability partnership that will support you in your programme. The perfect combination to help you get what you want.

ACT offers the following nutrition & fitness programmes: 

How can we help you?   Please visit ACT’s CONTACT PAGE and Alex will assist you with your inquiry personally.

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