ACT Habits-Based Nutrition

What is Habits-Based Nutrition?

Less is More!  That is the power of habits-based nutrition coaching.

Instead of trying to uproot and change your whole life overnight, habits-based coaching focuses on changing one thing at a time.  And this makes it achievable and sustainable.

Research shows that this dramatically  increases the chances of long-term success.  This is the easiest and safest way to achieving a long-term, sustainable transformation.  I will coach, support and encourage you as we take small daily steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  I will help you overcome obstacles and challenges so that you can feel  better, look better and perform better.

ACT Habits-Based Programme

What ACT can offer you:

  • Full assessment of current lifestyle & eating habits to help identify”limiting factors”.
  • Individualised nutrition plans.
  • Nutritional supplement recommendations.
  • Behavioural goal setting to develop healthy habits.
  • Ongoing support, accountability & education through email, social media & messaging platforms.
  • Daily tracking of eating habits & weight management.
  • Weekly tracking & graphing of body measurements.
  • Dietary adjustments, feedback & goal setting.
  • Weekly live/Skype coaching session.
  • PLUS exercise programming as required.

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