ACT Nutrition Coaching

What is Flexible Dieting?

Be less strict and rigid with your diet by using a flexible dieting approach and learning more about these principles…

Modifying and improving on your existing diet means that you can eat more of the foods you enjoy, and also stop eating the foods you hate, because you think that they are healthy or aid in weight-loss.

Including your personal food preferences, while also making room for treats, as opposed to rigid, “exclusive” diets that forbid many foods or even entire food groups.  The aim of flexible dieting is to be able to eat a balanced and enjoyable diet!  

In moderation most foods can be enjoyed and do not need to be excluded for any reason. These “forbidden foods” are neither good nor bad, fattening or any sort of barrier to weight-loss!

Flexible dieting is about learning to include your chosen foods in your eating plan and achieve your personal health goals.

Flexible dieting encourages a tolerant, growth mindset towards “slip-ups” because they are inevitably going to happen.  

Staying calm and sticking to your diet if you do overeat or have something you weren’t supposed to is an essential principle when following a flexible dieting approach.  

Expecting perfection from a diet (or yourself) is a recipe for a dieting disaster!

Flexible Nutrition Programme

What ACT can offer you:

  • Full assessment of current lifestyle & eating habits to help identify”limiting factors”.
  • Behavioural goal setting to develop healthy habits.
  • Daily tracking of eating habits & weight management.
  • Weekly tracking & graphing of body measurements.
  • Dietary adjustments, feedback & goal setting.
  • Live/Skype coaching session(s).
  • Ongoing support, accountability & education through email, social media & messaging platforms.

Your nutrition programme will also include:

  • Individualised dietary set-up including calorie & macro-nutrient guidelines based on food preferences.
  • Full education & support on macro-tracking via My Fitness Pal with ongoing feedback, adjustments & check-ins.
  • Coaching on sustainable progress and maintenance.
  • Optional exercise programming for enhanced weight-loss results, strength training, muscle gain & physique transformation.