Who is Alex Campbell?

I’m Alex Campbell and I have had a lifelong passion for all things health and fitness, and in 2016, at the age of 50, I decided to follow my passion and work full-time in the nutrition, fitness and lifestyle industry.  Read my personal story about My Journey into Flexible Dieting: From Myths to Valid Nutritional Principles, as well as my approach and philosophy to Strength Training & Fitness Coaching.

I founded Alex Campbell Transformation (ACT) so I could be part of the growing movement and community that is evidence-based and is bringing the truth to an industry mired in fear mongering, over-hyped marketing and general B.S.!

I want to help people cut through the clutter and confusion and get the results they so desperately strive for, but have failed to achieve; often becoming more and more demoralised with each unsuccessful attempt.


I believe in using foundational nutritional and training principles based on the evidence of current, scientific research, which are the same principles I use in my personal eating and training plans.  In order to stay current with the ongoing research in the fields of sports nutrition, exercise science and fitness coaching I subscribe to current journals, and spend much time researching information on reputable websites and reading extensively on the subject of nutrition and strength training.