ACT Fitness Coaching

The key to looking and feeling great is strength training!

ACT’s coaching focus is on Strength Training.  This form of training, (also called resistance training) is exercising in such a way as to increase the strength of the body, which is mostly about building stronger muscles.  This is achieved by exercising the muscles with resistance, and weight-lifting is the most effective way to build stronger muscles and a leaner body.

But isn’t weightlifting just for people who want to build gigantic muscles?  

NO!  Most certainly not!  Strength training isn’t really about lifting heavy weights at all (unless you want to do that).  

It’s about getting stronger in the basic movements of the body.  

Do you get on and off the toilet?  Well, then you are squatting.  

Do you pick up and put down your shopping bags?  Great!  That’s deadlifting!

Strength training is not just about looking great now.  It’s also about  moving well and being strong in your daily movements, especially as you age.

Strength training is not about spending hours in the gym. Training effectively with a coach can help you achieve excellent results working out two to three times a week.

Strength Training is made up of a combination of:

  • body-weight exercises,
  • exercises using cables and resistance bands,
  • movement using free weights like barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells,  and
  • the use of weight machines.