ACT Coaching Programmes

I’ve listened to my clients and here’s what I want to share with you…

I can’t afford to work with a 1-to-1 nutrition and fitness coach!

  • My online coaching programmes start at R900/month.

I haven’t got time to exercise.

  • Working out for 45 minutes two to three times a weeks on the right programme will get you great results.

I have been on so many diets and even though I lose the weight I end up putting it all back on!

  • Flexible dieting is a sustainable, non-restrictive approach to eating that takes into account your personal preferences, lifestyle and health goals.

I start a diet and then I get bored and despondent and “fall off the wagon”.

  • Working with a professional coach you’ll get support, education and accountability – a partner to help you stay on track and get the results you want!

I don’t belong to a gym and I don’t want to join (again).

  • I can work with you online, at home or in a small private gym to help you get in shape without any gym fees.

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What is it?

This is an individualised online nutrition coaching & training programme that covers everything that you need to achieve your personal goals, including education, guidance, support and accountability.

What does it include?

  • Initial and ongoing assessments of your nutrition, training and lifestyle.
  • Nutrition and training programme set up, monitoring and adjustments.
  • Goal setting and action planning.
  • Flexible dieting (IIFYM) and habits’-based nutrition education and coaching.
  • Access to Trainerize personal online training app.
  • Progress and results tracking through Trainerize, including weight and measurements.
  • Weekly Skype Video coaching sessions covering feedback, information and support!
  • Ongoing support via WhatsApp as required between weekly coaching sessions.
  • Access to private FaceBook support group.

This programme includes all the features of the online offer as well as live coaching and training!

The benefits of live coaching and training include:

  • Additional accountability, support and assistance.
  • Extra motivation in the gym from working with me.
  • Deeper rapport and partnership created through face-to-face sessions.
  • Assistance with exercise form and execution, and feeling confident and comfortable in the gym.
  • Instant feedback on gym workouts.
  • Opportunities to make changes and adjustments to programmes.
  • Working with a coach is an empowering approach to achieving goals and putting plans into action.
  • Working with someone to get the results you are looking for is more fun than trying to go it alone!

I offer additional online coaching sessions to support your programme at the following rates:

  • 60-minute coaching/training session @ R350/session
  • 30-minute coaching/training session @ R250/session

I also offer additional strength training gym sessions and am happy to quote you for these depending on your personal requirements.


All my clients get online support & additional education through our Facebook Group “Fiercely Fit Foodies”.